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The PBA Philosophy:

As players get older, there are less spots open because there are fewer teams and cuts are made.  I am offering an intense fundamental training program that won't guarantee a player make a particular roster, but will better prepare them for what lies ahead.  We teach baseball fundamentals in a fun, disciplined and competitive atmosphere.  After attending this camp, young baseball players will be better equipped to enter the competitive environment of youth high school baseball.

We are firm believers in that if a player is going to participate in high school baseball, with the opportunity to play in college and beyond, that quality baseball instruction gives you an advantage,  We use a "hands-on" approach to individually instruct each ballplayer to give them the best set of tools to help them achieve their desired outcome.  We teach the values of dedication, hard work and honesty.  The report card each player receives at the conclusion of each session is an honest assessment that can be discussed by anyone involved. 

Camp Sessions will address:

Hitting, fielding, throwing/pitching, base running, small group hitting instruction, defensive skill & drill by position, bunting, core conditioning, situational play (Baseball IQ) and more...

The basics of this camp will be based on a 46/60 field (Little League) 50/70 field (MCBR) and a 60/90 field (high school).  The last day there may be a simulated game if we get through everything.

Equipment needed or suggested:

Baseball glove, Cleats (Rubber or molded), Baseball Attire, Cup Supporter, Helmet and Bat are optional

Use of bats will be determined by field size (46/60 vs 50/70 vs 60/90)

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